NCEF Grant Application

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2022-2023 Awarded Classroom Grants

Coming to Soon to a Classroom Near You:

BioMedical Science Technology Upgrade- Newton Senior High School

Congratulations to Jodi Morgan-Peters who was awarded $5,554.96 to purchase upgraded technology tools needed to work with student MacBooks, and consistent with Project Lead the Way’s program updates. The funds will be used to purchase spirometry probes, reflex hammers, accelerometers, EKG equipment, and hand-grip dynamometers to upgrade the Principles of Biomedical Science and Human Body Systems courses! “Our students are so fortunate to learn in a district that has consistently invested in their technology acquisition skills.” (Jodi Morgan-Peters, NHS Science Teacher)

IgNite - Berg Middle School 

Berg Middle School ignite will continue into the 2022-2023 made possible by a match from NCEF of $3,000 to funds the program raised to continue the impact the program is making in the lives of students.  Grant from Amy Shannon

Youth Frontiers Retreat - Berg Middle School 

The onsite retreats will build community and empathy within our school. Creating a positive and kind culture at Berg Middle School. Coming this Fall 2022 and years to come. Grant from Jennifer Wright 

Book Vending Machine - Aurora Heights Elementary 

The Book Vending Machine will increase the desire of reading in students. Being able to earn gold coins to "buy" a book from the machine is extremely motivating to students. Students are able to choose any book from the machine that interests them and keep it forever. This will inspire a love of reading in students, which in turn, will support our efforts to increase student achievement in reading. The more students practice reading, the better they become! Grant from Jolene Comer

Past Awarded Classroom Grants

2021-2022 School Year

IgNite Berg Middle School - Amy Shannon $5,000

Human Impact Outdoor Learning- Andrew Kuker $1,250

Berg Middle School FFA- Jarret Horn$1,350

CNC Manufacturing Technology Wood - Derek Bair $20,000

Dream to Clean at West Academy - Tara Zehr $5,855

New Cardinal Mascot- Activities Department $1,000

2020-2021 School Year

NHS Cardinal Candle Company- Karla Cazett $3,500

BEST- Berg Employability Scale - Jen Weibel $6,000

Principals Biomedical Science Grant- Jodi Morgan Peters $5,300

Calm Down Room- Kris Loschen $1,500

Emerson Hough Book Vending Machine- Jolene Comer $5,000

Newton Cardinal Water Bottles - NCSD $10,000

COVID Supplies- NCSD $5,000

2019-2020 School Year

21st Century Machining Lab- Todd Lucas $20,000

Berg Middle School Career & Technical Ed Program - Jarret Horn $13,000

P.R.E.P.A.R.E - Tina Stammeyer $2,900

Cardinals Care, Climate, Culture, Community- Kelly Tremel $2,000

Spring & Fall Family Elementary Art Nights- Lauren Roush & Jennah Hughes $350

Woodrow Wilson Book Vending Machine- Jen Elbert & Dallas Vander Pol $5,000

Morning Masterminds of Aurora Heights- Lois Holmes $1,500

West Academy Food Pantry - Tara Zehr $1,350

2018-2019 School Year

Elementary Spring Art Nights- Lauren Roush & Jennah Hughes $500

Learning by Doing- Tina Stammeyer $1,000

West Academy Arts- Karen King $1,300

District-Wide PLC Conference- NCSD- $7,500

Berg Middle School After School Club- Amy Shannon $15,000

Stand for the Silent - Tyler Stewart- $500

Show Choir-  Rudy Kammel- $3,000

Teen Leadership - Doug Smith - $3,500

and much much more since 1989!